Time Definitions

new in release v2.32

Whenever you need to enter a time definition in Thruk you can do that in several ways.

thruk timedefinition

Fixed Ranges

Usually there is a set of predefined ranges, like last week to choose from. They should be pretty much self-explanatory.

Time Arithmetics

If the predefined fixed ranges don’t fit, choose custom and you can use basic self defined time arithmetics like today - 2d which is 2 days before today.

Available terms:

  • now Current time.

  • today Refers to today at 00:00.

  • yesterday Yesterday at 00:00.

  • lastmonday Last Monday at 00:00.

  • thisweek Monday of current week at 00:00. Same as lastmonday

  • lastweek Monday of last week at 00:00.

  • nextweek Monday of next week at 00:00.

  • thismonth First day of current month at 00:00.

  • lastmonth First day of last month at 00:00.

  • nextmonth First day of next month at 00:00.

  • thisyear First day of current year at 00:00.

  • lastyear First day of previous year at 00:00.

  • nextyear First day of next year at 00:00.

Simple calculation are possible like this:

Tuesday 00:00 of current week: lastmonday + 86400

The following suffixes can be used to make times more human readable:

  • y: years

  • w: weeks

  • d: days

  • h: hours

  • m: minutes

So the example above could also be written as: lastmonday + 1d

These calculation do no timezone or daylight saving adjustments.

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