Download v2.46 | released on Nov 03, 2021

Release Plan

There is usually one stable release every 2-3 months with optional servicepack releases in between. Every day there are nightly development builds with the latest changes.


Using the Consol Labs Repository is probably the easiest way to install or update Thruk.


Naemon, Shinken and Icinga2 come with the livestatus api included. When using Nagios,
you need to compile the livestatus module manually.

System Version 32bit 64bit
debianDebian10buster thruk_2.46_debian10_i386.deb thruk_2.46_debian10_amd64.deb
debianDebian11bullseye thruk_2.46_debian11_i386.deb thruk_2.46_debian11_amd64.deb
7  thruk-2.46.rhel7.x86_64.rpm
8  thruk-2.46.rhel8.x86_64.rpm
slesSLES12SP4  thruk-2.46.sles12sp4.x86_64.rpm
ubuntuUbuntu18.04bionic thruk_2.46_ubuntu18.04_amd64.deb
ubuntuUbuntu20.04focal thruk_2.46_ubuntu20.04_amd64.deb
 Source  thruk-2.46.tar.gz


Naemon, a fork of Nagios 4, comes with Thruk as default gui. It has ready to go packages including Thruk and Livestatus. Consider Naemon if you upgrade your core.


Thruk is included in the OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution). Installing
Thruk with OMD is an easy and fast way of getting Thruk in a complete setup running.
OMD includes a preconfigured Naemon/Icinga + Thruk + PNP4Nagios and other useful addons like Grafana.

Nightly Development Builds

Download nightly snapshots
Have at least a look at the test results before using test releases. They should be used for tests only, not in production!
Travis-CI: travis ci build status


Download previous versions (v1.18 till latest) from the pkg archive.
And even older versions (till 1.1.7) from the old archive.