Here are some of the highlights of the release v3.00.
See the detailed changelog for a complete list of changes.

All pages have been redesigned with Tailwind css framework for a fresh look, better responsivness and improved ui usability.

This time we did not only change the css, but reworked all pages.

light theme
dark theme

This changes makes existing themes incompatible. However, it is way easier now to create custom themes, see:

The side bar navigation has been reworked. There are now 3 ways to show the navigation:

normal navigation
small navigation
mobile navigation

Instead of the mostly useless existing start page, there is now a landing page dashboard with some useful information.

main page

List paging has been reworked. The paging toolbar is now always visible, even if there is only a single page.

If you prefer the old style, you can toggle the full screen display with the button left to the page entries dropdown.


Instead of command links beeing openend in a new page, they now open as popup (new page is still possible and supported).

commands popup

A few things had to go.

  • v2 themes Existing themes are no longer supported, see above.
  • mobile plugin The mobile plugin should not be neccessary anymore since most pages work well on mobile.
  • statusmap plugin The statusmap plugin is no longer supported.